FAQ Members

Q1. Are these girls real?

Sweetescorts.com.au is endeavour and encourages all our members to provide as accurate information as possible about themselves and their service offer. In saying that it does not means that every profile will be true representation as ample of working girls use fake photos to provide as a guide to what they may look like etc. “ Verified Photos “ profile has been moderated and verify by Sweetescorts.com.au. Please notify us of any misleading Verified Photos profile so that we can keep our members honest.

Q2. Is prostitution illegal in Australia?

No, as long as they abide by the laws that applies to their states or territories.

Q3. I call and call but no one answer?

Send them a text message as a lot of girls are independent and working by themselves therefore they are either busy with a client or taking some time off due to personal reasons.

Q4. Why can’t I see exact details of what services some advertisers will perform during a booking?

Legislation in different states prevents advertiser to describe their services.