FAQ Escorts

Q1. How come my ad does not get approved?
All ads are to be moderated by Sweetescorts.com.au and there are different advertising laws applies to different states in Australia. Should your ad is not approved for advertising, our team member will endeavour to contact you and help you with amending the advertising so that it can be published to the general public. Your advertising shall not be publishing until we can verify that the ad is true with correct contact details.

Q2. Why my photo does not get publish? 
There are different laws applies to different states, therefore we are endeavour to help you advertising your service and yourself in a manner that will be accepted within the Australian Regulating bodies.

Q3. Is it really Free to advertise with Sweet Escorts?

Yes! Your profile will be display for 7 days as a normal ad then you have the option to resubmit for further publishing. Absolutely FREE.